All the Essentially Essential

Tan Wee Lit

First placed in Singapore: 2013

Raffles Place


Patron: City Developments Ltd with National Parks Board

Text of the Label:

All the Essentially Essential
Tan Wee Lit
Stainless Steel, 2013
The winning work of the 3rd CDL Singapore Sculpture Award 2007 All the Essentially Essential is a humourous tongue-in-cheek take on the ‘packed-to-the-brim’ lifestyle of the average ever-efficient Singaporean seeking work-life balance. The extensive array of items on the giant toy kit that appears fresh from a box represents a spectrum of essential items (or components of these items) for work and play.
From the keyboard to the briefcase to the wheels of a bicycle to the gym bag to the baby stroller — and even the pet dog — these are definitive items that reflect the ‘work hard, play hard’ environment of Singapore, where we want to do everything, or try to find time to do everything.
The deliberate exclusion of the human element from the entire kit set reminds on that the fabric of life is never complete without the most important thing: people and the spirit and aspirations they embody.
Set amidst the buzz of this 24/7 global city, one is invited to step into this playfully interactive sculpture – and be the final piece of the jigsaw needed to complete the entire composition.

Commissioned by:
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All the Essentially Essential

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