Beneficence 3

Iskandar Jalil

First placed in Singapore: 2005

inside the courtyard of Marina Barrage

in the courtyard of Marina Barrage

Patron: Public Utilities Board

Text of the Label:

Iskandar Jalil (Singapore) Beneficence 3, 2005 Stoneware These three hand-thrown pots by Cultural Medallion winner, Iskandar Jalil, were commissioned for the launch of construction works on Marina Barrage and unveiled by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew in 2005. They are made from local clay and signify the three pillars of Singapore's well-being - commerce, culture and the environment. They also represent the three benefits of the barrage: water supply, flood control and lifestyle attraction. They were fired at a temperature of 1000C before being glazed with Iskandar's signature colour and re-fired at 1300C.The installation is designed to promote a sense of tranquility in activity. The shape and colour of the pots convey tranquility while the flowing of the water represents activity.

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Beneficence 3

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