Chern Lian Shan

First placed in Singapore: 1990

once infront of the NTUC HQ on Bras Basah Rd

Not exactly sure when it was removed; date is approximate.

Patron: NTUC Income, for their 20th anniversary

One of my favourites!

Text of the Label:

"Breakthrough" --the Golden Sculpture of a Horse leaping out of an Egg is launched to celebrate NTUC INCOME's 20th Anniversary. The Golden Egg depicts the essence of life as all forms of life begin with an egg. The Golden Horse is a symbol of hardwork, dedication and reliability. These are virtues which NTUC INCOME upholds. "BREAKTHROUGH" represents the innovative spirit -- truly symbolic of the dynamic and vibrant NTUC INCOME.

Last updated: Jul-20-2021

additional photograph of the sculpture on this page
additional photograph of the sculpture on this page

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