Colours of the Wind

Elsie Yu

First placed in Singapore: 2000

Oasis, Jurong Island, closed to the public shortly after September 11, 2001.

Not sure if this sculpture is still present, as Jurong Island is no longer publicly accessible, alas, for security reasons.

Patron: Jurong Town Corporation

A remarkable piece, in an even more remarkable setting, with an even more remarkable label... near the cactus garden at Oasis, the ‘central amenities centre’ for Jurong Island, the 2650-hectare ‘world class chemical hub’, a sort of tightly integrated chemical industry platform fed by natural gas, created by reclaiming land between eight different islands, to form an entirely new one. Here companies are ‘able to buy feedstock and sell finished products ”over the fence” (companies are linked by common pipeline corridors). They are also able to outsource utilities such as fire-fighting capabilities, supply of steam, cooling and firewater, logistics, storage and terminalling.’

Text of the Label:

This delicate sculpture is a tensile drawing in space. The form is taut, infusing linear strength with a fragility that testifies to the aspiration of a nation reaching for greater dimension. It is a flamboyant eruption of uninhibited energy in a monumental scale, conducting a silent dialogue with the still environment. The lyrical sensuality and elemental force captures the jettisons of formidable technical virtuousity in favour of an assertion of primal vigour. In defiance of a preference for solidity, the faceted and intense artwork combines a multitude of viewpoints to achieve a totality in impact. The exotic tropical colours and lively components culminate to become a majestic act of synthesis. The sculpture points to new approaches to innovative creation and demonstrates the inifinite freedom which forms and space can acquire. The most exhilarating of this perpetual opennes lies in the search for new ways of meeting the challenge posed by sculptural expression and the boundaries generated by the media.
Dr Elsie Yu, 2000
Medium: Aluminium with ferro carbon coating

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Colours of the Wind
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