artist unknown

First placed in Singapore: 1864

in front of Old Parliament House


Patron: gift of His Majesty King Rama V of Siam

This was given to Singapore in 1872, by the King of Siam, on his first-ever visit to a foreign country. It originally stood in front of the Town Hall, then later the Victoria Memorial Hall. The King gave at least one other such elephant as a gift on his travels, his gift to Netherlands East Indies sits now in front of the National Museum, Jakarta, which is sometimes called museum gajah.

Text of the Label:

His Majesty
Somdech Phra Paramindr Maha Chulalongkorn
the Supreme King of Siam
Landed at Singapore, the first foreign land visited by a Siamese monarch on the 16th March, 1871
[similar inscriptions in Thai, Chinese and Jawi]

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