Yu Yu Yang

First placed in Singapore: 2001


Patron: Collection of City Developments Ltd

Created in 1993, put in this site in front of Republic Plaza in mid-2001.

Text of the Label:

Harmony, 1993,
Yu Yu Yang 5/9
The fenghuang, or phoenix, embodies the quintessence of fortune, elegance and beauty. These qualities are brought to bear, along with modern technology, to construct this statue of a young dragon and phoenix representing the Chinese character for human (ren). In traditional thought, the image of man joined to, or with the earth represents harmony and boundless energy; the round ball in the statue also stands for this idea. The space within the statue represents the universe and oneness (yi) and the pedestal beneath it resembles the Chinese character for mouth (ko) and so together the entire sculpture represents the Chinese word for ' join' or 'cooperation' (he). In this statue, we see man and heaven joined.

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