Ng Yak Whee

First placed in Singapore: 1990

Ang Mo Kio Ave 6


Patron: Ang Mo Kio South Town Council and Apple Computer

No easy access for pedestrians to try and get a feel for this abstract work. As usual, the black tile pedestal is not weathering well.

Text of the Label:

[Chinese character jiang] JIANG By Ng Yak Whee Officially unveiled on August 3, 1990by BG Lee Hsien Loong MP for Teck Ghee Constituency and Mr Yeo Toon Chia MP for Ang Mo Kio Constituency Presented to the residents of Ang Mo Kio by Apple Computer Singapore Pte Ltd in celebration of the nation's 25th year of independence [25 years logo] one people one nation one Singapore [logo] Ang Mo Kio South Town Council Apple Computer [logo]

Last updated: Dec-5-2020

additional photograph of the sculpture on this page

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