Lim Nee Soon Bronze Statue

the Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Research Institute

First placed in Singapore: 1992

Originally placed in Yishun Town Garden, Block 809, Yishun Ave 2, now in the garden of Hwa Chong Institution

Removed from Yishun in 2009. Not sure when it was moved to Hwa Chong.

Patron: The Town Council Nee Soon Central

The first of two statues commemorating Lim Nee Soon, early 20th century community leader.This sculpture was first initiated by the Nee Soon Town Council. According to the Straits Times (Aug 9, 2005, National Day Supplement, p 120):"To commemorate the estate's roots and remind people of Mr Lim, [the Town Council] decided that a monument be built in Yishun Park.At the time, a political boundary ran right through the estate, and in August 1991, Singapore Democratic Party candidate Cheo Chai Chen won the Nee Soon Central Seat - which included the park and the soon-to-be-completed statue. When he took over as MP, Mr Cheo continued with the planned installation.Meanwhile, the Town Council decided that it would pursue its plan to have a statue.So another was erected -- this time in a park in Nee Soon South constituency, which was represented by People's Action Party candidate Dr Koh Lip Lin."The logic of the Town Council's use of public funds to create a second statue is less than clear. (Each statue reportedly cost S$ 80,000.) Without knowing more, it looks like commemorating the person of Lim Nee Soon and creating an effective and important public space was lower on the agenda than some minor political goals, like creating PR opportunities for the dedication of the statue.

Text of the Label:

[same text in Chinese] This Statue of Lim Nee Soon Was Unveiled on 12 February 1992 by Mr Cheo Chai Chen Member of Parliament for Nee Soon Central and Chairman of The Town Council Nee Soon Central --[There is another panel in Chinese and one in English on the life of Lim Nee Soon]---[text in English and Chinese ]Lim Nee Soon Bronze Statue height of statue: 2.30 M height of platform: 3.00M weight of statue: 700Kg Sculptors: The Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Research Institute, Chen Gu-Kui, Wang Zhi-Qiang, Wu Hui-Ming Contractor: International Gallery managed by International Book (S) Pte Ltd Managing Agent: EM Services Pte Ltd Date of Completion: January 1992 [logo of Nee Soon Central Town Council]

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Lim Nee Soon Bronze Statue
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