Living World

Ju Ming

First placed in Singapore: 1987

Not sure…

The work has travelled a bit. First placed in front of the National Museum, near the corner of Stamford Rd and Bras Basah Rd, it was later moved to the Singapore History Museum's temporary home at Riverside Point, from 2003 to 2005 (?). Later it moved over to the Singapore Art Museum. Not sure of the exact dates. Sometime in March 2010 it returned to the grounds of the National Museum, in a very nice new setting, captured here. However, by 2022, it had been removed from the garden of the Museum. Not sure where it is now…

Patron: funded by TIBS, for Singapore National Museum centennial celebrations

public fundraising story... brought in for exhibition at National Museum Art Gallery (curator: Connie Sheares, working with Hanart Gallery), then purchased after TIBS donated funds.

from the TIBS website, 2002 or so:

'With the growing emphasis on the arts and culture in Singapore, TIBS decided to take on a project that would promote appreciation of the arts. In 1987, it helped the National Museum acquire the sculpture, 'The Living World' by Ju Ming, in conjunction with the Museum's centennial celebrations. A fund-raising campaign with the theme, 'Trans-Island and Supporters of the Arts' was drawn up to encourage mass participation. TIBS subsequently received the PRISM award (Public Relations in the Service of Mankind) for this contribution to the community.

Last updated: Feb-27-2022

Living World
additional photograph of the sculpture on this page

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