Mama's Precious One

Chong Fah Cheong

First placed in Singapore: 1989

Toa Payoh Town Centre

The work was first placed near the HDB headquarters in Bukit Merah, August 27, 1989. Moved along with the HDB to Toa Payoh Town Centre sometime in 2004.

Patron: Singapore Housing Development Board (HDB)

According to media reports at the time, cost S$ 40,000. Marble. Executed mostly in Italy over a period of two months. Was part of HDB's first public art puchase and commission, this, and works by Ju Ming, and Ng Eng Teng. See "Sculptor Leaves for Canada", The New Paper, August 28, 1989.

Text of the Label:

Chong Fah Cheong "Mama's Precious One", 1989 Marble

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Mama's Precious One

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