Victor Tan

First placed in Singapore: 2002

removed in the 2015 (?) renovation of the Asian Civilisations Museum that saw the introduction of the Shipwreck Gallery


Patron: ExxonMobil

In it's original setting already it was a little squeezed by the F&B of the Indochine restaurant that used to dominate the riverside of the Museum. see the artist’s excellent website for more information on the piece.

Text of the Label:

Singapore entered the new millennium with the same practical sense that saw it through changes from an entrepot trading centre, through the labour and skills - intensive phases of our economic development. Singapore is now embarking on another challenge to build a knowledge-driven economy. New frontiers and new challenges are explored and taken on with the same practical sense of making the best out of our opportunities and creating our own destiny. 'Millennium' embodies our nation's 'can do' spirit: the spirit of our people, our only resource. Millennium was made by young sculptor Victor, who overcame the loss of his eyesight to forge a new life for himself. The intricate weave evokes the tapestry of humanity that made modern singapore. Aspiring always to build a better tomorrow, one arm reaches upwards. Spiralling DNA represents Millennium's challenge: harnessing knowledge for the betterment of mankind. This sculpture was commissioned and presented to the people of Singapore on January 25, 2002, by ExxonMobil to commemorate the Dedication of the the Singapore Chemical Plant on Jurong Island, a petrochemical hub created by sheer vision and will, where once there was only sea and scattering of islets. A gift to the people of Singapore from ExxonMobil [logo Exxon Mobil] [logo NHB]

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