David Gerstein

First placed in Singapore: 2007

Finlayson Green


Patron: One Raffles Quay (a JV of Keppel Land, Cheung Kong Holdings and Hongkong Land)

Finlayson Green is one of the landmark sites for public sculptures identified under the Public Sculptures Master Plan by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). According to the press release at the unveiling of the sculpture, "One of the sales conditions for the site where One Raffles Quay is located was the installation of the sculpture at Finlayson Green to enhance the character of the CBD, and act as a marker at this key node."
In the same press release, representative of the developers David Martin announced that “We hope the Singapore public will embrace this distinctive sculpture and in the fullness of time we believe it could become as iconic for Singapore’s business and financial district as the Charging Bull sculpture is for New York’s Wall Street.”

Text of the Label:

David Gerstein Born 1944< br /> Title Momentum< br /> Year 2007< br /> Medium Painted Steel< br /> Dimensions Height 18350mm x Diameter 11187mm< br /> The sculpture's layers upon layers of figures in an upwards spiral motion represent the populations high energy and a continuous cycle of progress. This work pays tribute to Singapore's present and past generations, for without their toil, strength and ingenuity, will not have become the dynamic metropolis it is today. The sculpture signals the vision, continual commitment by everyone to help steer Singapore into a vibrant global city. Commissioned by One Raffles Quay Pte Ltd

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