Eduardo Castrillo

First placed in Singapore: 1973

Goldhill Plaza

Still in situ as of late August 2009. Included in the National Arts Council's Map of Public Art in Singapore.

Patron: not sure

This work has two parts. From the outside of the building, you see the painted concrete, with voids. This is shown in the attached photo. From the inside, this wall is covered with a bas-relief in copper. So the work is a kind of screen - with a painted concrete outside (and accompanying fountain), and a copper bas-relief on the inside.The Straits Times of 7th January 1973 said that the title of the work, then in preparation, was The Rise of the Knitted Society, and it was said to "successfully capture on metal the basic ingredients of Singapore's multi-racial society" and to "signify Singapore's environment of the present and future."According to the same source the work was cast in the Philippines, and shipped to Singapore for assembly. The dimensions given in the article are 49 x 18 feet.

Text of the Label:

MURAL, by Eduardo Castrillo

The rise and emergence of a migrant people from a conglomerate ethnic stock through 'Labour, Sweat, Endurance and Thrift'.

The human figures at the right of the mural depict the efforts of a united people that paved the way to ever increasing achievements. They tell also of Singapore's dreams, aspirations and ideals. At the lower right of the mural is depicted the commercial and industrial strength of the country, with emphasis on Singapore's position as the world's fourth largest port. The lines that arise from the lower left of the mural to merge with the human figures depict the hardships the people had to undergo and their steadfastship before achieving economic and political stability. The other forms show and symbolise the culture, arts and landmarks of Singapore.

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additional photograph of the sculpture on this page
additional photograph of the sculpture on this page

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