Once Upon a Time

Chong Fah Cheong

First placed in Singapore: 2005

Basement Garden, National Library Building

The works haven't moved, rather I didn't include them earlier as they were not very visible from the public areas of the National Library Building on Middle Road. According to the Straits Times of April 16, 2012, the works are now accessible. No explanation given for the change, but it is a welcome one. Fah Cheong's works are meant to be approached.

Patron: National Library Board

According to the Straits Times story (by Cheryl Faith Wee) celebrating the fact that the pieces have been made accessible by the public,

"Once Upon A Time consists of four bronze statues of children sitting comfortably with books in hand, on marble bases shaped like animals or clouds. There are also five other marble sculptures in shapes such as a turtle and a fish. Chong, 66, says he installed the marble bases 'in such a way that people can actually sit on them and read and be immersed in their own little world. I do not want to keep people away from my works'."
Begs the question of why the works were behind glass from 2005 to 2012. The garden was closed off to the public all this time.

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Last updated: Dec-5-2020

Once Upon a Time

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