Peace and Prosperity

Yu Yu Yang

First placed in Singapore: 1971

formerly in front of the Mandarin Orchard Hotel

No elements of the work survived the 2008 renovation.

Patron: Mandarin Hotel, Lien Ying Chow

The work stood for 20 years in front of the Mandarin Hotel surviving from its original design, which included a dramatic marble mural in the main lobby. Little remained after a remodelling of the hotel in the late 1990s, except for the two white stucco structures shown here, and the marble mural inside the main lobby. The stucco structures were themselves removed sometime around 2010 or so. Lien Ying Chow was an important patron for Yu Yu Yang, as they also worked together to create Progress and Advancement.

Last updated: Feb-7-2021

Peace and Prosperity

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