Progressive Flow

Han Sai Por

First placed in Singapore: 2004

One Marina Boulevard, corner of Marina Blvd and Collyer Quay


Patron: Singapore Labour Foundation

Text of the Label:

Artist: Han Sai Por (b. 1943) Title & Year: Progressive Flow (2004) Medium: Granite Stone sizes: 2.3(w) x 2.3(h) x 1.2(d) m ~ 2.3(w) x 0.7(h) x 1.0(d) m Commissioned by Singapore Labour Foundation Cultural Medallion winner Han Sai Por is recognised as one of Singapore's foremost sculptors, noted for her works in stone. These six solid granite blocks weight no less than 55 tons, yet in Han's hands, they curve and flow with a rhythmic grace.Voids and gaps between the blocks allow people to walk through, around and in-between the artwork - it is a spatial play that encourages viewers to join in and participate. Even the wave-like blocks are positioned for people to enjoy as resting places and seats. Commissioned by SLF as an artwork for the public, these elements come together in a sculpture that invites interaction, exploration and discovery.

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Progressive Flow

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