Chern Lian Shan

First placed in Singapore: 1994

Removed from its location near One George St. Presumably destroyed.

Formerly outside Pidemco Center, later developed into One George Street. Not sure precisely when it was removed or where it is now.

Patron: commissioned by Pidemco Land

The label is remarkable, in that it ties the work directly to the then-current business goals of the corporation that commissioned the piece. Interestingly enough, that corporation ceased to exist in late 2000, as it was merged with DBS Land to form CapitaLand. So did they change the label?

Text of the Label:

Rainbow Like the rays of a rainbow, Pidemco Land strives for continual growth and excellence as it expands its business from Singapore to the Asia Pacific region. Unveiled by Commodore Teo Chee Hian Minister of State for Finance and Communications on 7th January 1994 Commissioned by Pidemco Land Pte Ltd Sculptured by Chern Lian Shan

Last updated: Jul-20-2021


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