Reliefs at the Keppel Railway Station

Angelo Vannetti

First placed in Singapore: 1932

Keppel Railway Station, Tanjong Pagar


Patron: Federated Malay States Railways

The April 8, 2011 press release from the URA and PMB (see comments), does prominently mention the Nolli sculptures: “In particular, the landmark Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, a terminus for the railway line, stood out for its grand facade influenced by both the Neo-Classical and Art-Deco schools of architecture. It is fronted by four larger-than-life statues that individually represented the four economic pillars contributing to Malaya’s wealth:  commerce, agriculture, transport and industry.” Photo on CC-by-nc-nd license by Wilson Loo

Text of the Label:

Agriculture, Industry, Commerce, Transport

Last updated: Dec-5-2020

Reliefs at the Keppel Railway Station

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