Shimmering Pearls

Han Sai Por

First placed in Singapore: 2001

in front of CapitalLand Tower


Patron: Capital Land

To paraphrase architecture critic Robert Powell, the playful nature of the work is somewhat at odds with the dignified character of the building. According to the Straits Times, the pearls were cast in the US, but I've heard also that Sai Por was working with a Chinese glassmaker. The original title was in Chinese 'Pearls of the surface of the water' but Sai Por said that didn't sound too good in English. The budget for the project was evidently S$ 800,000. Perhaps the first local sculptor to attempt to create a work that utilizes the charm of a fountain.

Text of the Label:

Shimmering Pearls by Han Sai Por This sculpture is inspired by the shimmering movement of water, one of the beautiful phenomena of nature. [signature of the artist]

Last updated: Dec-5-2020

Shimmering Pearls

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