Skyline of Singapore

William P Mundy

First placed in Singapore: 1964

Paya Lebar Airbase - not publicly accessible

On the gallery floor of the main concourse of the passenger terminal of Paya Lebar International Airport. According to Shamsuddin, ‘The Forgotten Murals of Paya Lebar Airport’, this mural is still visible and intact, although not publicly accessible. The other two murals installed in the airport have been comprimised and are not displayed.

Patron: Ministry of Information and the Arts

Mr Mundy received S$ 4000 for winning two out of the three prizes in the competition for murals for Paya Lebar Airport. They were executed in Venetian mosaic tile. Mundy persuaded Toh Chin Chye to finance his travel from Rome to Venice to supervise the selection of colours for the tiles. (Shamsuddin, p6)
Images courtesy the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. For a more information on the Paya Lebar murals, read Shamsuddin, Dahlia. ‘The Forgotten Murals of Paya Lebar Airport’. Biblio Asia, September 2021. [].

Last updated: Jul-30-2021

Skyline of Singapore
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