Spirit of Youth

Thang Kiang How

First placed in Singapore: 1990

in the Youth Park near Somerset House

Originally placed in Marina City Park, where these photos were taken. When the Park was redeveloped in favor of "Gardens by the Bay" the work was shifted to Youth Park, Somerset House. Hard to imagine it actually would appeal to youth.

Patron: Donated by People's Association Youth Movement

Unveiled by Mr Lee Yock Suan, Minister for Labour and Deputy Chairman of People's Association, 1990. From the National Parks website (accessed in 2002): 'Interpretation : a celebration of youth. The sculpture is an abstract expression of the spirit of youth. The five geometric shapes joined together at the heart of the circle symbolise five qualities of youth : creativity, vibrance, idealism, dedication and enthusiasm. The four prongs pointing upwards signify Singapore's multi-racial youth striving for the common goals of harmony and progress. The stainless steel represents the purity of the youthful spirit and aspiration.'

Last updated: Dec-5-2020

Spirit of Youth

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