Street Hawker

Lee Yun Lung

First placed in Singapore: 1999

Far East Square


Patron: Far East Square

Text of the Label:

Hawking was a quick way for immigrants with little skill or capital to earn a living. Street hawkers were thus a common sight in Singapore up to the 1930s when they were relocated into specially-built food centres. This sculpture shows a hawker selling homemade noodles with fish balls, a dish that remains popular to this day. This hawker would attract customers by striking a hardwood rod against a bamboo stick, making a rhythmic 'tick tock' sound to announce his presence. As such, he was colloquially called 'the tick tock man'. Artist: Lee Yun Lung (Taiwan) 28 December, 1999 ‍

Last updated: Dec-5-2020

Street Hawker
additional photograph of the sculpture on this page
additional photograph of the sculpture on this page

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