Taichi - Pushing Hands

Ju Ming

First placed in Singapore: 2014

The Metropolis

The Metropolis, an office development

Patron: Ho Bee Land

Text of the Label:

Ju Ming Taichi - Pushing Hands Year: 19xx Medium: Bronze Edition: 3 of 8 As a Taichi practitioner, Ju Ming (b. 1938) has discovered teh similar qualities between Taichi and his artistic spirit. Through his "Taichi Series", he sets out to find the perfect expression of hte union between Man and Nature, as well as to emphasize shape and form that is harmonious and alive. Ju Ming's Taichi - Pushing Hands represents two fighting forms possessing both quietude and dynamism. Difffering from the introspective and contemplative single-character sculpture, the two characters produce increased movement, spiritual growth and energy with each other by applying force and resistance.

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Taichi - Pushing Hands

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