Vanda Miss Joaquim

Shiah Chyi Yun

First placed in Singapore: 2002

Tanjong Pagar Plaza, corner of Craig Rd


Patron: Tanjong Pagar Plaza Residents' Committee

Text of the Label:

This sculpture commemorates the birthplace of our national flower
Vanda Miss Joaquim
Sculpture Designer: Miss Shiah Chyi Yun
Fabricator: Rich-art Entreprises Pte Ltd
Project initiated by Tanjong Pagar Plaza Residents' Committee
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The Vanda Miss Joaquim Pavilion was officially opened by Assoc Prof Koo Tsai Kee,Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of National Development and Defence and Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar GRC
on April 14, 2002
This project was completed with grants from the government

Last updated: Dec-5-2020

Vanda Miss Joaquim

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