Water Buffaloes

Dame Elisabeth Frink

First placed in Singapore: 2010

Marina Bay Financial Centre


Patron: Hong Kong Land

Text of the Label:

Created by renowned British sculptor and animalier, Dame Eliabeth Frink (1930-1993), these buffaloes are a symbol of strength, industriousness and endurance. They pay tribute to Singapore's forefathers who toiled and persevered to create better lives for their generation and those that followed.

Dame Elisabeth Frink's works are celebrated for their naturalistic forms and themes, with her signature bronze sculptures characterised by their distinctive cut and worked surface. They are found in museums, galleries and public spaces across Britain, the United States, Australia, South Africa and Hong Kong. These buffaloes were commissioned by Hongkong Land in the late 1980s, and displayed at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in England for over two decades before being shipped to Singapore in 2010 to be installed at the Marina Bay Financial Centre. Another pair of water buffaloes, also sculpted by Dame Elisabeth, stand at the Open Plaza of Exchange Square in Hong Kong.

Last updated: Dec-5-2020

Water Buffaloes

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