Wind Arbor

Ned Kahn

First placed in Singapore: 2010

integrated into the western fa̤ade of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel atrium


Patron: Marina Bay Sands

From the press release issued by Marina Bay Sands:

The Wind Arbor is the largest and most visible piece of Marina Bay Sands Art Path. It covers 6,800 square meters, equivalent to the surface area of 5 and 1/2 Olympic-sized swimming pools. The sculpture consists of 260,000 aluminum metal "flappers" covering the entire western fa̤ade of the Hotel Atrium facing the Central Business District and encircling the air-conditioning towers at the north end of the resort.

When the flappers move, they reflect light creating a shimmering piece of art.

It is 15 meters tall at the north end and rises to 55 meters at the southern entry.The flappers are mounted on hinges and hung from steel cable so they are free to move independently in reaction to wind movements.

Text of the Label:

Ned Kahn,American. b. 1960. New York City
Wind Arbor, 2010
Stainless steel, anodized aluminum, 6,800 sqm.
Fabricated by Prime Structures Engineering LDD Singapore
Collection of Marina Bay Sands
Art undertaken by The Art Incentive Scheme, Urban Redevelopment Authority

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