Window of Hope

Sun Yu Li

First placed in Singapore: 2010

Collyer Quay

When it was proposed, the idea was that it would frame views of Marina Bay, However the developer later succeeded in getting permission to place a floating restaurant right in the position to block that view...

Patron: The Fullerton Heritage

Text of the Label:

Collyer Quay is the landing spot of our forefathers who braved the rough seas with courage and determination to land on our shores. On the boat, they looked through the windows with hopes and dreams for a better future Onshore in hustle and bustle, they worked tirelessly to provide a better life for future generations. As we reminise [sic] through these window frames, we remember the scenes of our historic past, and the sacrifices our forefathers made to build the Singapore we know today. ‍ Singapore Sculptor Sun Yu Li 2010.10.10 [logotype of The Fullerton Heritage] [source: photograph of Feb 8, 2014]

Last updated: Dec-5-2020

Window of Hope
additional photograph of the sculpture on this page

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