Wings of Victory

Ramon Orlina

First placed in Singapore: 1986

“one day it magically disappeared” in the words of the artist

Not sure when this was removed... approximate date only

Patron: Wisma Atria

"It was his controversial piece, the $300,000 “Wings of Victory”—an artwork of 67 colorful steel birds weighing 35-kilogram each—that used to hang at the Wisma Atria in Singapore, which finally placed the name Ramon Orlina on the international map of visual arts. ‘When people saw that, they were awestruck. They started to ask who did it; and when they heard the name “Orlina,” they asked, “Who’s that’’,’ laughed the chatty artist. ‘Imagine, 10 years [worth] of exhibitions and artworks and they still didn’t know who I was! Oh, it wasn’t an easy journey, but I kept my focus.”” "Ramon Orlina: A treasured Philippine artist", The Manila Times, May 17, 2014 ‍

Text of the Label:

the 67-piece birds in flight

Last updated: Jul-20-2021

Wings of Victory

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