Yu Yu Yang (楊英風)

Born 1926, died 1997. Born in Yilan, Taiwan. Well known public artist, based in Taiwan, working around East Asia. Also known as Yang Ying-feng.

Yu Yu Yang’s family moved to Beijing to work in the film business, and he spent his seconday school years under the Japanese occupation. He went to Japan to study art, but returned to Beijing without finishing his degree after the bombing of Tokyo. In later years he returned to Taiwan [ed note: the online biographies gloss over the exact circumstances here].
After some years in Rome, he set up a studio in Tailuge, on the east coast of Taiwan. In the 1980s he participated in the planning of Beijing's Pingtai district. In 1983, he drew up plans for a Space & Technology Art Centre in Singapore.

In 1991 he held a solo exhibition at the National Museum Art Gallery

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