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The Enjoyment Purpose

The enjoyment purpose. Do exceptions under the copyright laws of Japan & Singapore allow GenAI training? TLDR: Not really… The latest issue of the AI Copyright Newsletter

About this website

This is the personal website of Peter Schoppert, reformed technopreneur, publisher and Director of NUS Press. Over the last year I find myself in demand as a public speaker and writer on Generative AI and its interactions with the publishing world.

Publishers, authors, has your book been used to train an AI model without your permission?

Here’s one place you can look. I’ve placed on GitHub a list of some 85,600 ISBNs extracted from the Books3 dataset that was used to train Facebook’s latest model, LLaMA, launched Feb 24th.

The problem is not the power of the AI, it’s the power of our brains

My AI was making me angry. I had trained up a chatbot on the website, in the personality and style of Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Good AIs copy, great AIs steal

untangling the copyright status of foundation models I presented this paper in mid-October 2022 to the annual conference of the Asian Pacific Copyright Association (the candid shot above is by Vincent Nghai; I’m the blur one!

Displacing Singapore

I wrote this essay in 1998, for a volume of photographs by Lucas Jodogne, titled Singapore: Views on the Urban Landscape. Lucas’ photographs were marvelous, a sort of warm version of the New Topographics.